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Brush up on the ins-and-outs of exhibiting at Annual Session 2021 with our hotel reservation policy, exhibit space and assignments, onsite information, exhibitor sponsored events, exhibit specifications and more.



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All 2021 AAO Annual Session Exhibiting Companies must agree to abide by the following Terms & Conditions:

Unanticipated Matters – If any action or event occurs in relation to any exhibitor, either before, during, or after the Annual Session, that is not set forth by these Terms & Conditions or related materials, and which jeopardizes or otherwise interferes with the Annual Session, as determined by the AAO in its discretion, the AAO may address such action or event and the exhibitors involved in the manner deemed appropriate by the AAO.

Violations – Action may be taken by the AAO against exhibitors who violate any of these Terms & Conditions. The action taken will be determined based on the AAO’s policies and procedures and the particular circumstance of the violation. The action may, in the AAO’s sole discretion, entail immediate closure and removal of the exhibitor from the Exhibit Hall without refund of space rental fees or penalty to the AAO. The exhibitor may also be prohibited from participating in future AAO exhibits.



Any company interested in exhibiting at an AAO conference should contact Elizabeth Cordes at to get set up with a new Exhibitor Portal.

Exhibitor contracts must be submitted through the exhibitor portal.  All exhibitors must contract for their booth through the AAO Exhibitor Portal with their unique login.

Space Rental Fees – The AAO space rental fees are based on the total square feet utilized. Space in the Exhibit Hall is rented on a square foot basis, with minimum rental being 100 square feet in a 10’x10’ configuration. When appropriate, the exhibit areas are provided with an 8’-high back drape and a 3’-high side rail. The AAO reserves the right to determine island configuration availability.  Base rental fee for an in-line 10×10 booth is $3100.  Total pricing is determined by the number of booth spaces, whether a booth is in-line or island, and the level of event sponsorship purchased. In order to compensate the AAO for the lost revenue inherent in creating island booths vs. renting booths in-line, Islands measuring 400 sq.ft. or more shall be charged $250 / corner fees in addition to the standard space rental.

Conference Rooms – Conference rooms in the exhibit hall will be available for a fee of $4,900/per room.  These rooms are 10’x10’, hard-walled and lockable.  They include: 1 draped table,  2 chairs, and 1 wastebasket  Additional furnishings or equipment may be ordered at  exhibitor’s expense.

Located inside the new Innovation Pavilion, Start-Up Kiosk shall rent for $ 2,750 and include one counter with lockable shelf, company graphic printed on back-drop, two stools and one wastecan.  Must be a new company (not a franchisee) of 3 years or less to qualify to reserve Start-up Pod.

Deposit – A fifty percent (50%) deposit must be submitted through your exhibitor portal by October 16, 2020. Checks may be mailed, must be received by October 16, 2020.

Balance of Payment – Payment in full must be received in the AAO office no later than March 25, 2021. The AAO reserves the right to cancel any unpaid space after March 25, 2021, and resell the space without any liability or refund of deposit.

Cancellations – Exhibitors must notify the AAO Meetings Department in writing prior to March 25, 2021, to qualify for a refund of any deposit for canceled exhibit space. The date the exhibitor’s written notice of cancellation is received in the AAO Meetings Department will be the official cancellation date. No refunds will be made for cancellations received after January 22, 2021. All cancellations will be assessed a minimum processing fee of $150.

Subletting/Sharing Space – Exhibitors cannot sublet, assign, or share any portion of the assigned exhibit space to any other person or company, without the express written consent of AAO Show Management.

Eligibility for Exhibitors – The AAO will consider all exhibit contracts based on the following criteria but reserves the right to reject an application for any reason whatsoever at their sole discretion:

  1. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of orthodontic products and services.
  2. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of products and services that benefit orthodontics.
  3. Manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of products and services that are considered by the AAO to be of general interest to Annual Session attendees.
  4. Providers of professional, financial, consulting, and miscellaneous services that are considered by the AAO to be of general interest to Annual Session attendees.
  5. Existing AAO policies and procedures.
  6. Only dental-related companies who do not engage in, or provide material support for or to, teledentistry services that do not, in the AAO’s sole discretion, meet the necessary standards of patient care and/or safety, including but not limited to requiring sufficient supervision (both in-person and/or otherwise) by a licensed dentist and/or orthodontist, will be permitted the right to exhibit. Nonetheless, the AAO reserves its right to prohibit any exhibitor at its sole discretion, regardless of whether it meets any of the above criteria.

Rejected Contracts – In the event an exhibit contract is not accepted by the AAO, the deposit for the exhibit space will be refunded to the applicant.



Space Assignment Policy – The AAO reserves the right to limit the amount of square feet purchased by any single exhibitor in order to preserve the diversity of the Exhibit Hall. The AAO also has the right to limit the number of exhibitors of similar products or services. The AAO reserves the right to assign exhibitors within the Exhibit Hall according to the type of products or services exhibited.

The assignment of booth space is determined by these general criteria in the order listed:

  • Previous year’s Total Exhibitor Spend (including booth space, virtual listings and all sponsorships)
  • The date of receipt of the completed contract
  • Priority Point Balance
  • The nature of the company
  • The products to be displayed

Relocation of Exhibits – The AAO may alter the location of any exhibit at any time, if in the best interest of the exhibition. The AAO also has the right to prohibit or remove any exhibit, or part of any exhibit, that violates policy, local ordinance, or is judged inappropriate by the AAO for any reason, in its sole discretion. Exhibitors requesting additional available space on-site will be allowed to move upon approval by the AAO Director of Meetings or Exhibits Manager. AAO staff reserves the right to deny additional space requests should the request cause undue hardship to the exhibition.

Parent Organization & Subsidiary Space Assignment:  Several AAO exhibitors purchase space for parent organizations that also own subsidiary companies.   In an effort to recognize the total contribution made by these parent organizations, The AAO  will allow parent organizations the ability to purchase and assign all of its booth space(s) at the same time according to the following standards:

  1. The date / time of the space assignment shall occur based on the highest-ranking company within the organization, according to a list that is kept and managed by the AAO Exhibits Manager.  (The Exhibits manager can provide the list of priority placement upon request.)  Priority placement is determined by each company’s total spend on booth rental and sponsorship the prior year.
  2. Each exhibiting company that is included within the parent organization’s total space, must have an authorized representative available at the assigned date and time.
  3. During this appointment, all representatives will be expected to confirm the size & location of their booth, and submit their contract online indicating such.  If a representative is unable or unwilling to commit to their space, location or size by submitting their contract, space will not be held for that company.
  4. Initially, the parent organization shall be the only name to appear on the floorplan.  Each subsidiary company’s name will appear on the floorplan as it is assigned in order, according to the list kept by the AAO Exhibits Manager, or by August 3, 2020.
  5. After August 3, 2020 the total area will reflect each individual company’s name according to the contract that each company originally submitted.  Each company shall be billed based on their individual booth size, with any discounts applying only to the individual company.
  6. The required 50% deposits shall be paid between August 3, 2020 and October 16, 2020 – as stated in the AAO Invitation to Exhibit and Terms & Conditions.
  7. Each subsidiary company that complies with the standards listed above shall be listed individually within any exhibitor guide provided to conference attendees.

Booth Length Limitations:  In order to eliminate the unnecessary creation of aisles, exhibitors who purchase island booth spaces are limited in their choices of how long their booth can be.  Looking at the 2021 Annual Session floorplan, length is identified as the side of the booth that runs from the top to the bottom of the page – with entrance escalators being on the right-hand side of the page.  Island booths may be 20’ long, 50’ long, or 80’ long.  The width (side of the booth that runs from left to right) is dictated by the existing aisles.



    Registering Booth Staff – Each exhibiting company may register two (2) representatives per each 100 square feet purchased, at no charge.  Registration is available through the exhibitor portal. 

    Due to anticipated physical distancing restrictions, 2021 Exhibitors may not purchase additional name badges for booth staff.  To register booth staff, exhibitors must link to the AAO’s registration manager through the exhibitor portal.   Should physical distancing guidelines allow for more staff / sq. ft., exhibitors will be notified by show management via email.

    Name Badges – Exhibit name badges will be printed onsite. The exhibitor registration counter is located in the North Lobby of the Boston Convention & Exposition Center.  Security personnel will be located at all entrances to the Exhibit Hall to ensure that only properly registered persons enter. Any transfer or unauthorized use of the official name badge is prohibited. Name badges may not be altered in any way. Stickers, ribbons and/or emblems, designed for the purpose of being affixed to the official Annual Session identification badge are strictly prohibited.

    Admission of Guests – Admission of exhibitor guests is strictly prohibited. Badges will not be issued to representatives of non-exhibiting companies. Exhibitors may not register orthodontists, dentists, or other individuals as exhibitors unless they are employed by or officially represent the company and will staff the exhibit. An exhibiting company that registers a representative from another company, or an orthodontist, dentist or other individual that is not an employee or official representative of the exhibiting company, will be assessed a $2,150 fee per non-authorized registrant. This fee represents the on-site registration fee for non-members, and it must be paid prior to the end of the show on June 27, 2021.

    Making Hotel Reservations – Exhibitors are expected to use the AAO official housing company, OnPeak,  to secure room reservations for their employees.  Hotel room blocks open February 1, 2021.  Rooms may be reserved by linking to OnPeak through the exhibitor portal.

    Exhibitors are allowed to hold a block of rooms equal to the actual pick up for the previous year, plus a maximum increase of 10%, unless they have increased their amount of exhibit space over what was purchased the previous year.

    Any company requiring a block of 10 or more rooms, is asked to send arrival/departure dates and hotel preference to OnPeak Exhibitor & Group Analyst via e-mail to Lisa Nguyen at or call direct at (678) 553 7263.



    Conduct – Exhibitors and their agents are expected to act at all times in a professional manner. Any disruptions or unacceptable conduct may result in ejection from the Exhibit Hall with no refund of space rental fees. Under no circumstances is it appropriate for any exhibitor to photograph or record another exhibitor’s booth or products. Any exhibitor caught doing so will be permanently dismissed from the exhibit hall with no refund of their exhibit charges.

    Exhibitor Staffing – It is the policy of the AAO that all exhibits be staffed throughout the official open hours of the Exhibit Hall. Exhibitors are required to open and close their exhibits according to the official exhibit hours.

    Solicitations by Non-Exhibitors – Only registered AAO exhibitors are allowed in the Exhibit Hall or other programs related to the AAO Annual Session. Violators of this policy will be promptly dismissed from the Annual Session and will not be eligible to participate in future AAO exhibits.

    Exhibit Hall Admission – Exhibitors are allowed to enter the Exhibit Hall 2 hours before the opening and are allowed to stay one hour after the closing of the Exhibit Hall.

    Messages and Paging – Paging will only be allowed for documented emergencies. Exhibitors are encouraged to make arrangements through the Exhibitor Service Kit should they require telephone service in their exhibit.

    Care of Building – Any damage to the building by the exhibitor or the exhibitor’s agent will be charged to the exhibitor. Walls, woodwork, and flooring must not be defaced or altered in any manner whatsoever. Tacking, taping, or nailing of signs, banners, etc., to any permanent wall, post, woodwork, or floor is prohibited. No nails may be attached in any way to the building.

    Smoking Policy – The AAO has a no smoking policy for all AAO events. This includes the Exhibit Hall (including set up and tear down time), all seminars and lectures, all food and beverage functions, and all areas of the convention center.

    Distribution of Printed Material – Distribution of material printed by exhibitors or its agents is limited to their contracted exhibit space, with the exception of the Morning Hospitality Sponsors and Doctor Pavilion Sponsors. Materials and advertising may not be distributed in any other area inside or outside the convention center or within 5 miles of the convention center or the AAO’s contracted hotels without prior AAO authorization.



    Prize Contests – Prize contests, giveaway contests, games of chance, raffles, and drawings are permitted with approval by the AAO in order to generate traffic to your exhibit. Requests for any type of traffic generator must be submitted in writing to the AAO Exhibits Manager at,

    Product Distribution – The following guidelines should be used in taking orders and distributing products:

    1. Order taking may occur any time the Exhibit Hall is officially open.
    2. Attendees may take delivery of their order in the Exhibit Hall at any time the Exhibit Hall is open.

    All convention center & AAO hotel block public areas is prohibited for the distribution of product orders.

    Projected Images and Lighting – Projected images and lighting must be contained within the exhibitor’s contracted space.

    Sound Restrictions – Sound amplification must be kept at a level that does not disturb other exhibiting companies or attendees. Audiovisual is permitted provided that screens and monitors are placed as to not cause congestion in the aisles and the sound is not excessive. The AAO reserves the right to determine at what point the sound level constitutes interference with others. Live performance of music by an exhibitor is not permitted in the Exhibit Hall. Exhibitors must obtain their own licensing agreements with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers (ASCAP) and Broadcast Music, Inc. (BMI) should the exhibitor choose to play music licensed by those two organizations.

    Exhibitors cannot display any product or service in the assigned exhibit space other than the product or service normally distributed in the regular course of business. Violations can result in immediate closure and removal of the exhibit from the Exhibit Hall without refund of space rental fees.



    Exhibitor-Sponsored Courses, Lectures, Study Groups, Clinics and Hospitality Events – Exhibitors and other persons are required to complete the Function Space Request form to conduct a course, lecture, study group, clinic, or other such event. Once the event is approved, appropriate available space will be assigned to the group, and the group will work directly with the venue assigned. Exhibitors in violation of this policy may be penalized in any manner deemed appropriate by the AAO, including having contracted space canceled without refund and removal from the Exhibit Hall without refund of space rental fees.

    The AAO will allow the presentation of meetings, programs, events, and courses by individuals, organizations, or business entities in conjunction with the Annual Session if they comply with the criteria listed below.

    1. Permission must be requested by the host from the AAO which shall include a description of the event, location, proposed promotional materials and anticipated audience size and makeup. All requests must be approved in writing by the AAO, and the AAO reserves the right to approve or disapprove any presentation or event in its sole and absolute discretion.
    2. Orthodontic manufacturers and dental supply companies requesting permission must be exhibiting at the Annual Session or conference related to the request.
    3. Events must be held within forty-eight (48) hours prior to the Annual Session scientific sessions or following the conclusion of the Annual Session exhibition, with the exception of events sponsored and planned by entities related to the AAO, and then only with the prior approval of the Board of Trustees, in its sole and absolute discretion.
    4. All event participants must be registered for the Annual Session to which the event relates.
    5. Event organizers must utilize the AAO to secure official housing and meeting space. Events must be held in official AAO Annual Session facilities.
    6. Approved event sponsors will not be allowed to use the AAO logo, Annual Session logo or refer in any way as being part of the Annual Session, unless previously authorized under an existing written agreement with the AAO.
    7. Upon written approval, exhibitors may arrange for Annual Session attendees to visit/tour the exhibitor’s facility. Visits/tours may only take place during the date(s) designated by that year’s planning committee for Exhibitor-Sponsored Hospitality Events. Any individual representing an organization or business entity found in violation of this policy may be subject to sanctions, as determined by the AAO Board of Trustees in its sole and absolute discretion, including, but not limited to, prohibition of exhibition or making presentations (scientific or otherwise) at any AAO Annual Session conference or meeting.



    General Requirements – All exhibiting companies must adhere to the following requirements for displaying or promoting products and services at AAO sponsored meetings:

    1. All claims regarding products and services should be truthful and accurate and may cite, in footnotes, references from dental and other scientific literature provided the reference is truthful and is a fair and accurate representation of the body of literature supporting the claim(s) made.
    2. All products and services should be relevant, effective, and useful in the practice of orthodontics and/or the dental profession unless given prior approval by the AAO.
    3. Comparative advertising claims for competing products and services must be substantiated adequately. Unwarranted disparagements or unfair comparisons of a competitor’s products or services will not be allowed.
    4. Guarantees may be used in product/service promotion provided the statements that are “guaranteed” are truthful and can be substantiated. However, no guarantee should be used without disclosing its conditions and limitations.
    5. Products and services and claims regarding such producers and services, may not be in conflict with or appear to violate AAO policy, the AAO Principles of Ethics and Code of Professional Conduct or its Bylaws.
    6. The AAO may, in its sole and absolute discretion, prohibit any exhibitor from promoting any product or service that conflicts with this policy or is the subject of any governmental restriction or action. The AAO further reserves the right to prohibit any exhibitor from promoting or exhibiting any product or service that offers, or provides material support for or to, teledentistry or teledentistry services that do not, in the AAO’s sole discretion, meet the necessary standards of patient care and/or safety, including but not limited to requiring sufficient supervision (both in-person and/or otherwise) by a licensed dentist and/or orthodontist.
    7. Complete scientific and technical data, whether published or unpublished, concerning product safety, operation, and usefulness may be required by the AAO. This data must be acceptable to the AAO, in its sole discretion.
    8. Companies’ activities, products, and services must comply with all applicable laws. Companies may not engage in nor offer marketing activities, services, or products that provide incentives for reviews or only encourage, permit, or display positive reviews.

    Aisle Space/Floorplan – Ten-foot aisles have been predetermined in the floorplan included in this book. The AAO will submit the final reconfigured floorplan to the Boston Convention Exhibition Center Fire Marshall for approval. The AAO reserves the right to reconfigure the floorplan as necessary according to final space assignment, facility restrictions, and fire codes.

    Arrangement of Exhibits – Exhibitors must arrange their displays so as not to obstruct the general view of other exhibits. All displays or solid construction in excess of 3’ high must be a minimum of 3’ behind the front line of the exhibit. Maximum exhibit height 8’. Special requirements apply for island booth configurations. See details under ISLAND EXHIBITS below.

    Bonding – The American Association of Orthodontists reserves the right to require exhibiting companies to be bonded through an approved bonding company, in an amount determined by the AAO to be satisfactory, in its sole discretion.

    Enclosed/Covered Exhibit Booths – The National Fire Protection Association has revised guidelines for the display of covered exhibit space. Exhibits that are covered must meet the following minimum life safety requirements:

    1. Enclosed or covered areas must be protected by an audible smoke detector. This includes storage closets built into the exhibit.
    2. Each enclosed or covered area must display a charged fire extinguisher with a minimum rating of 2A, 20BC.
    3. There should be no less than two exits from each occupied covered area.
    4. A fire prevention attendant shall be provided by the exhibitor and will be on duty at all times the exhibit is unoccupied.

    Helium Balloons – Helium balloons or other lighter-than-air items are strictly prohibited in the Exhibit Hall.

    Island Exhibits – An island exhibit is a display detached from other displays with aisles on all sides (minimum 400 sq. ft). The height restriction is 20’ which includes ground supported structures. Exhibits may extend to the perimeter of the assigned space. Island booths configured with solid walls exceeding 4’ in height on the perimeter will be required to allow at least 50% visibility. Exhibitors may use Plexiglas or similar see-through material to create walls exceeding 4’ in height. Additional Island Exhibit guidelines are outlined in the exhibitor portal and will be fully enforced in the Exhibit Hall. Island exhibit plans must be submitted for approval to the AAO Exhibits Manager at no later than Monday, April 23, 2021.

    Non-Flammable Materials – All materials used in the exhibit must be nonflammable in conformance with Boston, MA Fire Codes. No combustible decorations such as crepe paper, tissue paper, cardboard, or corrugated paper can be used at any time. All packing containers, excelsior and wrapping paper are to be removed from the floor and cannot be stored in the exhibit area. All cloth decorations must stand a flameproof test as prescribed by the Boston, MA Fire Department. Material not conforming to fire codes will be removed at the exhibitor’s expense.

    Signs – No signs, lighting trusses, or banners may be placed outside of the Exhibit Hall or outside of the assigned exhibit space except as previously authorized by the AAO. Two-sided signs are allowed in island configurations only. Illuminated signs must be contained in and be a part of the total display and are to be professional in appearance. Lighting truss may be hung with prior AAO written authorization. Lighting truss must be hung inside the assigned exhibit space and cannot extend over the aisle. Strobe or flashing signs are not permitted. Non-illuminated signs are permitted on extensions if they are no less than 12’ from the bottom of the sign to the floor to permit vehicular traffic. The AAO will provide signage to identify aisles and Exhibitor Locator Boards to assist the attendees.

    Hanging Signs and Structures – Hanging signs/structures will be permitted for island booths only. Requests for hanging signs must be submitted in writing to the AAO’s Exhibit Manager by April 23, 2021. Hanging signs and structures may not exceed 50% of the assigned space. The top of the hanging sign must not exceed 20’. If a company has requested and been assigned multiple island displays, the sign can not exceed 50% of each island display.

    Seminars – In-booth seminars and demonstrations must be configured within the contracted exhibit space and cannot overflow into the public aisles. Monitors or demonstrations of any kind must not be placed on the perimeter of the exhibit space encouraging congestion in the aisles or exhibitors will be asked to reconfigure their exhibit. Please be advised of the sound restrictions found elsewhere in these Terms & Conditions.


    Certificate of Insurance – All exhibitors must provide proof of insurance by May 21, 2021, in order to be allowed in the Exhibit Hall. Should a Certificate of Insurance not be received by May 21, 2021, the exhibit space may be canceled without refund of monies. The AAO requires the following coverage, with respect to insurance:

    1. Comprehensive General Liability insurance, including contractual liability with limits of at least $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 aggregate for bodily injury and/or property damage arising from the premises/operations and/or products and completed operations. Also, providing coverage at the same limits for personal and advertising injury.
    2. Worker’s Compensation or waiver to full compliance of federal and state laws covering all of the exhibitor’s employees for any work done on the exhibitor’s behalf with limits for employer’s liability of at least $500,000 for bodily injury to each employee by accident, $500,000 for bodily injury to each employee by disease, $500,000 policy limit for bodily injury by disease. Certificates of insurance are to name the AAO as additional insured and are to include the name and address of the exhibit facility, which is:

    Boston Convention and Exhibition Center 415 Summer Street Boston, MA 02210

    General Insurance/ Liability Information – Each party involved in the Annual Session is responsible for any claims arising out of its own negligence and intentional acts, and those of its employees or agents. Each party agrees to be responsible for its own property through insurance. It is understood that the AAO, the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, Freeman Decorating Company (FDC), and their agents will have no liability of any kind for injury to any person or for any loss or damage to property of exhibitors prior, during or after the Annual Session. The AAO will not be liable for damages caused by failure to provide, or delays in providing, exhibit areas due to natural disasters, strikes, riots, or any other circumstance beyond the control of the AAO, or for any negligent or intentional acts of any exhibitor or any third party. By signing the exhibit contract, you agree to indemnify, save, defend, and hold the AAO harmless from any and all damages, liabilities, actions and demands, including reasonable attorney’s fees arising out of, or related to, your negligent and/or intentional actions in exhibiting at the Annual Session, and any breach of these rules and policies.


    Official Contractor – Freeman Decorating Company has been selected as official exhibitor service contractor for the Annual Session. This contractor acts on its own behalf and neither they nor their staff are agents, employees, or representatives of the AAO. The contractor will bill each exhibitor directly for their services. The AAO does not assume any liability or responsibility for any act performed or omitted by the official contractor.

    Exhibitor Service Kit – An official Exhibitor Service Kit will be available through the exhibitor portal.The Exhibitor Service Kit will contain information and order forms for the following services:

    Carpeting – The floor of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center is concrete. The AAO will carpet the aisles and special areas of the Exhibit Hall. It is mandatory that exhibitors carpet their own exhibit areas, flush to the aisle carpet, no later than 3:00pm on Thursday, June 24, 2021. Should an exhibitor not pre-order carpet from FDC or install their own carpet by 3:00pm on Thursday, June 24, carpet will be installed by FDC on-site at 4:00pm on Thursday, June 24 and the costs thereof will be included in the exhibitor’s bill at the on-site installation rate. This includes any necessary fill-in carpet per AAO policy. Carpet must be fully installed prior to exhibit set up.

    Cleaning Services – The AAO will vacuum the Exhibit Hall aisles once each evening during the closed hours. This service does not include any portion of the exhibits. Exhibitors are responsible for the cleanliness of their own exhibit area. Cleaning information will be included in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

    Delivery of Freight Materials – All freight and display materials must be delivered through the loading dock of the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center and are subject to material handling fees. This includes hand-carried items, boxed or crated equipment of any kind. Complete shipping and drayage instructions for exhibitors are included in the Exhibitor Service Kit.

    Electrical Requirements – Electrical wiring and equipment installation must comply with applicable Boston, MA ordinances. All electrical requirements must be ordered through the Exhibitor Service Kit which is available through the exhibitor portal.

    Equipment and Furnishings – Exhibit furnishings will consist of a background drape 8’ high and side rail drape 3’ high as appropriate. A 7” x 44” identification sign with the exhibitor’s company name will be supplied. Freeman Decorating Company will be responsible for providing all additional equipment, furnishings, and labor required by the exhibitor. Orders may be placed by reviewing the Exhibitor Service Kit which is available through the exhibitor portal.

    Security Service – The AAO will furnish 24-hour general security for the Exhibit Hall during the show. The AAO, Freeman Decorating Company (FDC) and the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center will not be responsible for any theft or damage to persons or property related to the exhibitors, and do not guarantee the safety of any exhibitor or its products. The exhibitor is urged to take maximum precautions in securing their own exhibit area prior, during, and after the show. Order forms for security service will be available in the Exhibitor Service Kit found online in the exhibitor portal.

    Independent Contractors – All exhibitors must inform AAO show management when using a service provider other than Freeman Deco, for the installation/ set-up of exhibitor’s booth. Exhibiting companies are responsible to complete the EAC Notification Form that is provided through the exhibitor portal. This form must be received in the AAO office by April 23, 2021. All Exhibitor Appointed Contractors (EACs) are subject to the same general liability and worker’s comp insurance requirements as exhibitors, and agree to comply with all conduct as stated herein. Exhibitors are responsible for forwarding the Exhibitor Service Kit to each EAC.

    Labor – All labor (other than that secured by an Exhibitor’s EAC) must be obtained from the official decorator, Freeman Decorating Company, at the prevailing rates. Straight time will be charged between the hours of 8:00am and 4:30pm Monday through Friday, except for holidays, when applicable rates will be assessed. Overtime will be charged at all other times. No alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the Exhibit Hall during set up or tear down. Violators will be ejected immediately from the Exhibit Hall.

    Official AAO Photography and Videography – Order forms for the official AAO photographer will be included in the Exhibitor Service Kit which is available through the exhibitor portal.


    Photos and Videos by Exhibitors – The AAO encourages all exhibitors to post about their involvement in the Annual Session on all social media platforms.  However, exhibitors may only photograph their own displays. All other photography and videotaping in the Exhibit Hall is strictly prohibited. Any exhibitor caught doing so will be permanently dismissed from the exhibit hall with no refund of their exhibit charges. No video crew, no photographing other people’s booth, products, or other intellectual property.

    Distribution of Printed Advertising Material – Fliers or printed material delivered to hotel rooms is strictly prohibited during the Annual Session.

    Exhibitor Program Listing – Should the AAO decide to print a hard copy of the Exhibit Guide, it will use the information provided within the exhibitor portal exactly as it appears.  Exhibitors are responsible to edit their own information and check for spelling/grammar errors.   Exhibitor understands that, in order to be included in any printed piece, all information must be loaded into their Exhibitor no later than March 25, 2021,

    Mailing Lists/Labels – AAO membership lists and/or Annual Session attendee pre-registration lists are available in electronic format to official AAO exhibitors for a fee. All mailers must be approved by the AAO. Member mailing lists purchased for one-time use can be obtained through Sherry Nappier at Attendee mailing lists purchased for one-time use may be obtained from CDS through the exhibitor portal.. Note: CDS is the only official contractor authorized to sell a list of Annual Session attendees to exhibitors. Please do not purchase from any other company that contacts you for mailing lists.

    Use of the AAO Logo – The AAO reserves the right to prohibit the use of the AAO logo and the Annual Session logo in any advertising, promotional piece, and incentive items. Requests for use of the Annual Session logo must be reviewed and approved in advance by the AAO Central Office.

    AAOF Industry Case Partners – AAOF Industry Case Partners/Exhibitors that have contributed to the American Association of Orthodontists Foundation (AAOF) will receive a plaque for display in their exhibit and AAOF stickers on their name badges. Contributors will be designated in the Exhibit Guide exhibitor listing.

    Have questions?

    Feel free to reach out to Elizabeth Cordes, directly with any additional questions (314) 292-6539 or